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Double Black - it's a double basis on which is based the success of your business. Two dark horses. It is this double in the implementation is crucial. One of these horses - Sales management and building turnkey systems, the second - manual optimization of advertising, marketing and PR Product. You may ask why the "dark horse"? We are not working on their behalf, but on yours. The fact that the sales team is managed - he knows only the leadership, and customers think that you have created is a different structure of the service.
In recent years, customer service means a lot as a result of transactions with customers. And that is why when setting quality improvements and innovation in the department, we always place emphasis on a combination of factors: the optimization of the cost of the staff and increase the efficiency of the department.
Many people know what marketing, advertising and PR, but do disparate companies are not aware of the fact that when there is a single core and well thought-out concept, all this leads to a small result. We quickly orient in the approach to the image of your company, to how your customers perceive the Company as you want to see your brand in the market and who your target audience. We can tell you how to optimize the action or offer their own experience.
We do not like it. Our approach is not only to advise and leave. And our approach makes the customer and can afford our services. Yes exactly. Do not reverse the process. We are different from others in that we do not put their own people, with the departure turned out that the company is losing momentum. We train your staff, that will always be with you and after you decide that we have done everything for you.
We have - a strong team of young professionals who are able as soon as possible to effectively implement projects of any complexity!




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