Optimization of advertising

He is a bad businessman, who wants to raise sales. But before embarking on the promotion of a product or service, you need to decide on a strategy. That it will be the foundation of the future success. And also help to save money and effectively distribute the advertising budget.
Our experts are developing marketing strategies for many years. They will help to plan long-term program so that the profits of an advertising campaign is many times higher than the cost of it.
One of our beliefs to carry away from long experience - marketing has to work closely with the sales. From this perspective, the main function of advertising and marketing is to attract the incoming flow of potential customers, and at the first stage of contact with the company - the maximum they are interested in our products and services. Equally important is a cost effective and attract potential customers.
To this end, we offer a full range of services to optimize your system's advancement in the market:
- An audit of the existing system of promotion
- Analysis of the target audience, identifying new consumer insight
- Study of the competitive environment
- Development and implementation of an optimal marketing and advertising strategy
- Reducing the cost of attracting customer
- Setting up a quality control system implementation of marketing and promotional activities
- Renovation of the company's image (if necessary)
- Translation of the company's image of the external auditor



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